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 Fang Congyi (1338 - 1377) 
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Artists who influenced Fang Congyi
Chinese painter who became a Daoist priest in his youth; he joined the Zhengyi sect, whose main temples were situated in the Shangqing Temple (Shangqing si) on Mt Longhu in his home district, and studied under the priest Jin Pengtou. During the early 1340s, after the death of his teacher, he travelled from Xinzhou to many areas along the River Yangzi and in 1343 visited the capital, Dadu (Khanbali ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Fang Congyi

Ni Zan

Devine Mountains and Liminous Woods
(National Palace Museum)

Kiosk High and Lofty
(National Palace Museum)

Dong Qichang

Mi Youren

Rowing by Mount Wuyi
(Palace Museum)

(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Landscape in Mist