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 Ren Renfa (1254 - 1327) 
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Artists who influenced Ren Renfa
Chinese artist and government official. He was born in Songjiang, a county of Shanghai City. Ren drew some outstanding paintings of horses, people, flowers and birds. Ren's style is similar to the artists of the Tang Dynasty and Li Gongling in the Song Dynasty. His paintings of horses are comparable to those by Zhao Mengfu. more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ren Renfa

Gong Kai

View (Five Drunken Kings 2)

View (Five Drunken Kings 3)

Zhao Mengfu

Han Gan

View (Five Drunken Kings 1)

View (Five Drunken Kings 5)
View (Five Drunken Kings 4)

Zhang Guo with Emperor Tang Xuangzong (detail)
(Palace Museum)
Horses and Grooms (detail)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Two Horses (detail)
(Palace Museum)