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 Li Gonglin (1049 - 1106) 
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Artists who influenced Li Gonglin
Chinese painter, civil officer and archaeologist in the Northern Song Dynasty. Born into a scholarly home near what is modern day Lu'an City, Li Gonglin passed the highest level of civil service examinations at 21 and became a civil officer. He became famous for his paintings of horses, then he turned to Buddhism and Taoism religious painting, as well as portrait and landscape painting. His pa ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Li Gonglin

Han Gan

Pasturing Horses (detail)
(Palace Museum)

Sleeping Dragon
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Ma Lin

Gu Kaizhi

Sleeping Dragon
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Sleeping Dragon
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Chen Hongshou
Filial Piety
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Men with Horse

Qiu Ying
Liang Kai