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  Jozef IsraŽls (1824 - 1911) 
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Artists who influenced Jozef IsraŽls
Jozef IsraŽls was a Dutch painter, and the most respected Dutch artist of the second half of the nineteenth century. He was born in Groningen, of Jewish parents. His father, Hartog Abraham Israels, intended for him to be a businessman, and it was only after a determined struggle that he was allowed to enter on an artistic career. However, the attempts he made under the guidance of two second-rate ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jozef IsraŽls

Horace Vernet

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Old Friends
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Vincent van Gogh

Paul Delaroche

Day before Parting
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Fisherman's Return

Anton Mauve

FranÁois-Edouard Picot

Awaiting Fishermen's Return

Homeward Bound

Piet Mondrian
Three Women Knitting by The Sea

Pancake Day

Frank Holl