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 Guan Daosheng (1262 - 1319) 
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Artists who influenced Guan Daosheng
Chinese poet and painter during the Yuan Dynasty. She was born in Huzhou and was the wife of Zhao Mengfu. She was talented in calligraphy and painting ink bamboo and plum which delicate and elegant strokes. The calligraphy of herself, her husband and her son Zhao Yong were collected in a scroll by Emperor Ren, who commented that it was a rare thing for a husband, wife and son to all be talented in ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Guan Daosheng

Zhao Mengfu

Bamboo and Garden Rock

View (Bamboo Grove in Mist 1)
(Yale University Art Gallery)

Zhao Yong
View (Bamboo Grove in Mist 3)
(Yale University Art Gallery)

View (Bamboo Grove in Mist 2)
(Yale University Art Gallery)
Bamboo Groves in Mist and Rain
(National Academy Museum)

Bamboo and Stone (detail)
(National Palace Museum)