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  Anton Mauve (1838 - 1888) 
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Artists who influenced Anton Mauve
Antonij (Anton) Mauve was born in Zaandam in 1838. At the age of 16, he left for Haarlem where he was apprenticed to the artist Pieter Frederik van Os a specialist in cattle, followed by Wouterus Verschuur who painted horses. Together with Paul Gabriel, ten years his senior, he would often go into the countryside to paint directly from nature. From the age of twenty he regularly stayed and worked ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Anton Mauve

Jean-François Millet

Beached Boat with Horses

Morning Ride on Beach

Vincent van Gogh

Jozef Israëls

Carter on Country Road
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)

Isaac Israels

Jacob Maris

Man Holding Baby
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Landscape with Shepherd and Sheep
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Herman Herzog

Wouterus Verschuur

Returning from Work
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

On Beach
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

George Hendrik Breitner