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  Constantin Brancusi (1876 - 1957) 
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Artists who influenced Constantin Brancusi
Born in Rumania, Constantin Brancusi first studied sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts in Craiova (1894–98) and the National School of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1898–1902). In 1904 he left Romania permanently, traveling through Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, and Basel before settling in Paris. There, he continued his training at the École des Beaux-Arts (1905–07), and his work of the perio ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Constantin Brancusi

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

Woman's Head
(National Gallery of Art)

Woman's Head

Marcel Duchamp

Henri Matisse
Man Ray

Paul Gauguin
Victor Brauner

Fernand Léger
Pedro Coronel