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 Ren Bonian (1840 - 1896) 
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Artists who influenced Ren Bonian
Chinese painter. He was the most famous of a group of artists known as the Four Rens, who dominated late-19th-century painting in Shanghai, the others being Ren Yi's teacher, Ren Xiong, Ren Xiong's brother, Ren Xun (1835-93), and his son, Ren Yu (1853-1901). One account of Ren Yi's early life claims that he was taught painting by his father, a country rice merchant who supplemented the ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ren Bonian

Ren Xiong

Down and Out Man
(Zhejiang Provincial Museum)

Nine Thoughts
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Wu Changshuo
Kingfisher Over Lotus Pond
(Fogg Museum)

Pheasants and Dahlia
(Palace Museum)

Cheng Shifa
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View (Figure Album 1)

View (Figure Album 6)