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  Jan van Bijlert (c1597 - 1671) 
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Artists who influenced Jan van Bijlert
Jan Hermansz van Bijlert was a Dutch portrait painter in the style of Caravaggio. Van van Bijlert was born at Utrecht, the son of a the stained glass worker Herman Beernts van Bijlert, and became a student of Abraham Bloemaert He moved to Amsterdam, where he married in 1625. He travelled in France and Italy on a Grand Tour. In Rome in 1621 he became a founding member of the painters' circle kn ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan van Bijlert


Man in Armour Holding Pike
(Norton Simon Museum)

Group Portrait
(National Gallery)

Jacob Duck

Gerrit van Honthorst

Musical Company

Woman Praying

Ludolf de Jongh

Abraham Bloemaert


Mary Magdalene Turning from World to Christ
(Bob Jones University Museum)

Aelbert Jansz. van der Schoor

Simon Vouet

Virgin and Child
(Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum)

Saint Luke Evangelist

Abraham Willaerts