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 Wang Shimin (1592 - 1680) 
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Artists who influenced Wang Shimin
Painter, calligrapher and official. He travelled widely from an early age, accompanying his grandfather, Wang Xijue (1534-1611), on official missions. It was on one of these that he met the famous painter and art theorist Dong Qichang, who later tutored him in painting and calligraphy. Wang was fortunate not only in these propitious beginnings but also in being able to study at first hand works of ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Wang Shimin

Dong Qichang

Pavilions on Mountains of Immortals
(Palace Museum)

Mountain Village Embraced by Summer
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Wang Jian

Ni Zan

Landscape in the Style of Huang Gongwang
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Snow Over Rivers and Mountains
(National Palace Museum)

Wang Hui

Wang Meng

Autumn Mountain

Scene from Poem of Du Fu
(Palace Museum)

Wang Yuanqi

Huang Gongwang
Wu Li