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 Dong Yuan (c900 - c962) 
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Artists who influenced Dong Yuan
Chinese painter. born in Zhongling. Dong Yuan was active in the Southern Tang Kingdom of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period. He was from Nanjing in the Jiangsu province, which was a center for culture and the arts. He was known for both figure and landscape paintings, and exemplified the elegant style which would become the standard for brush painting in China for the next nine centuries. ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Dong Yuan

Jing Hao

Pavillion on Mountains of Immortals
(National Palace Museum)

Mountain Landscape
(National Palace Museum)

Wu Zhen

Li Sixun

Summer Mountains (detail)
(Shanghai Museum)

Wintry Groves and Layered Banks
(Kurokawa Institute of Ancient Cultures)

Bada Shanren
Zhao Mengfu
Dong Qichang