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 Xu Wei (1521 - 1593) 
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Artists who influenced Xu Wei
Ming Chinese painter, poet and dramatist famed for his artistic expressiveness. Revolutionary for its time, his painting style influenced and inspired countless subsequent painters, such as Bada Shanren, the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, and the modern masters Wu Changshuo and Qi Baishi, who once exclaimed in a poem that "How I wish to be born 300 years earlier so I could grind ink and prepare ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Xu Wei

Dai Jin

(Palace Museum)

Flowers and Bamboo
(National Palace Museum)

Bada Shanren

Guo Xi

Flowers and Poems (detail)
(Freer Gallery of Art)

Flowers, Vegetables and Crab (detail)

Qi Baishi

Li Cheng

(National Palace Museum)

Bird by Lotus Pond

Li Shan
Chen Shizeng