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 Jin Nong (1687 - 1763) 
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Artists who influenced Jin Nong
Jin Nong became popular as a painter and calligrapher while living as a childless widower in Yangzhou in his sixties. His paintings of mei blossoms were in particular demand there. Heralded as one of The Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, Jin prescribed to the amateur scholar style. A nonconformist, he generally painted more traditional images laden with symbolism (such as orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemu ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jin Nong

Wang Shishen

Horse and Groom (detail)

Self Portrait
(Palace Museum)

Zheng Xie

Gao Xiang

Arhat in Shade of Plantain Tree

Scent of Plum Blossoms

Li Fangying
Luo Pin
Wu Changshuo