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  Jervis McEntee (1828 - 1891) 
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Artists who influenced Jervis McEntee
Jervis McEntee was a landscape painter, born in 1828 in the Hudson River Valley in Rondout, New York. Nostalgia may well have been McEntee's middle name. At a time when the Civil War and its after effects caused great disruption in America, McEntees work may have provided a visual escape for the more educated. His works are rich with the colors of autumn and winter, preferring smaller views ra ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jervis McEntee

Frederic Church

Indian Summer
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

Autumn in Catskills
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Walter Launt Palmer

Thomas Worthington Whittredge

Mount Desert Island, Maine
(National Gallery of Art)

Mossy Bank
(Fogg Museum)

Sanford Gifford

Flight of Birds
(Farnsworth Art Museum)

Esopus Creek

Autumn Landscape with Figures