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 Bada Shanren (c1626 - c1705) 
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Artists who influenced Bada Shanren
Chinese painter and calligrapher. Said to have been a descendant of the imperial Ming family, he was a child prodigy, a poet at 7 and a painter by his teens. Becoming a monk after the fall of the dynasty, in 1678 he apparently suffered a nervous breakdown, was unable to speak for a number of years, and became known for his fits of madness and eccentric behavior. He left the monastary and, despite ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Bada Shanren

Dong Qichang

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(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Geese Returning Home

Qi Baishi

Lin Liang

Pine and Lingzhi


Zhang Daqian

Ni Zan

Lingzhi and Deer


Li Shan

Huang Gongwang

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(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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