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 Kuncan (1612 - 1673) 
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Artists who influenced Kuncan
Born on the Buddha's birthday, Kuncan took Buddhist monastic vows at the age of twenty-six and became an ardent follower of Chan (Zen) Buddhism. After the establishment of the Qing dynasty, he lived in Nanjing, where his circle of friends included a number of poet-painters who considered themselves loyal yimin ("leftover subjects") of the vanquished Ming dynasty. In 1659, he visited Mo ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Kuncan

Dong Qichang

Wooded Mountains at Dusk
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Origin of Immortals
(Palace Museum)

Huang Binhong

Ni Zan

(British Museum)

(British Museum)

Chen Shizeng

Wang Meng

Wandering through Mountains
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Temple on Mountain Ledge
(Asia Society Museum)


(Indianapolis Museum of Art)

Gazing at Watefall