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 Dong Qichang (1555 - 1636) 
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Artists who influenced Dong Qichang
Chinese painter, calligrapher, connoisseur, theoretician, collector and high official. At the age of 12 Dong Qichang, the son of a local school-teacher, passed the prefectural civil-service examination to qualify as a Government Student and was awarded a coveted place in the prefectural school. Mortified, however, at being ranked below his younger kinsman Dong Chuanxu because of his clumsy calligr ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Dong Qichang

Song Xu

Shady Trees in Summer Landscape
(National Palace Museum)

(National Palace Museum)

Lan Ying

Wen Zhengming

(National Palace Museum)

River and Mountains on Clear Autumn Day (detail)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Wang Jian


Cloudy Mountains
(National Palace Museum)

(National Palace Museum)

Bada Shanren

Ni Zan

Stately Trees Offering Midday Shade
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Village Scene
(National Palace Museum)

Ding Yunpeng