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 Wu Zhen (1280 - 1354) 
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Artists who influenced Wu Zhen
Chinese painter. Although he was well educated, especially in philosophy and swordsmanship, he never took the examinations to enter government, preferring to spend most of his life in his home town with occasional visits to such nearby towns as Hangzhou and Wuxing. A scholar of the Daoist text the Yijing ('Book of changes'), he practised fortune-telling to make a living. As a painter he wa ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Wu Zhen

Huang Gongwang

Fishermen (detail)
(Shanghai Museum)

Bamboo and Rock
(National Palace Museum)

Ni Zan

Sheng Mao

Bamboo and Rock

Bamboo (detail)

Wang Meng

Guo Xi
Shen Zhou

Dong Yuan
Wang Shimin