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 Tang Yin (1470 - 1524) 
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Artists who influenced Tang Yin
Chinese painter, poet and calligrapher. He was born into the merchant class of Suzhou, where his father was a restaurateur, and although lacking social standing, he received an excellent education. He was a brilliant student and became the protege of Wen Lin (1445-99), the father of Wen Zhengming. His friends in Suzhou's scholarly circles included Shen Zhou, Wu Kuan (1436-1504) and Zhu Yunming ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Tang Yin

Shen Zhou

Tao Gu Presents Poem
(National Palace Museum)

Lofty Scholar of Chong Shan

Qiu Ying

Li Tang

Scholar and Attendants
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

View (Pine Hill Studio 1)

Wen Zhengming
View (Pine Hill Studio 2)

View (Pine Hill Studio 3)

Zhang Hong
Playing Zither in Mountain

Dreaming in Shade of Tong Tree
(Palace Museum)