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 Wang Meng (c1308 - 1385) 
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Artists who influenced Wang Meng
Chinese painter during the Yuan dynasty. He was born in Huzhou, now known as Wuxing, Zhejiang.Wang Meng is considered to be one of the four great masters of the Yuan Dunasty, along with Huang Gongwang, Wu Zhen, and Ni Zan. They famously refused to serve the Mongolian rulers of their country. Works on silk by them are virtually unknown, an indication of the importance they gave to the calligraphic ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Wang Meng

Huang Gongwang

Ge Zhichuan Relocating
(Palace Museum)

Writing Books under Pine Trees
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Shen Zhou

Ni Zan

Gathering in Forest by Flowing Stream

(Shanghai Museum)

Wang Hui

Wu Zhen
Wang Jian
Dong Qichang