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 Ni Zan (1301 - 1374) 
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Artists who influenced Ni Zan
Chinese artist. He was a part of the group of Chinese painters later known as the Four Masters of the Yuan dynasty (including Wu Zhen, Huang Gongwang, and Wang Meng). Although Ni was born to wealth, he chose not to serve the foreign Mongol dynasty of the Yuan and instead lived a life of retirement and scholarship. He was characterized by his contemporaries as particularly quiet and fastidious, qua ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ni Zan

Huang Gongwang

Remote Stream and Cold Pines
(Palace Museum)

Rongxi Studio
(National Palace Museum)

Wang Meng

Wu Zhen

Bamboo and Distant Hill

Six Gentlemen
(Shanghai Museum)

Fang Congyi

Dong Yuan

Autumn Wind in Gemstone Trees
(Shanghai Museum)

Water and Bamboo Dwelling
(Museum of Chinese History)

Shen Zhou

Cao Zhibai