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 Zha Shibiao (1615 - 1698) 
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Artists who influenced Zha Shibiao
A native of Anhui province, Zha Shibiao, zi Erzhan, hao Meihe, refused to take up any official post after the fall of the Ming dynasty, eventually settling in Yangzhou in his later years. He followed the calligraphy styles of Dong Qichang and Mi Fu, while his landscapes in the style of Ni Zan are suggestive of a wintry desolation also reminiscent of Hongren. His later brushwork, having assimilated ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Zha Shibiao

Dong Qichang

Fisherman Returning Home
(Hong Kong Museum of Art)


Mei Qing


Autumn Landcape in Style of Wang Meng
Yun Shouping

Ni Zan

Wang Meng