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 Wu Wei (1459 - 1508) 
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Artists who influenced Wu Wei
Chinese painter. Wu was born into a family of scholar-officials. His father, who took the provincial-level civil-service degree to become a juren, was interested in alchemy and collected paintings and calligraphy. However, when Wu was still young, his father's dissolute life-style and then death resulted in family ruin. Wu was brought up by a provincial official; at the age of 17 he travelled ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Wu Wei

Dai Jin

Snowy Mountains
(National Palace Museum)

Scenery by Lake

Zhang Lu

Gu Kaizhi

Scenery by Lake

Sage of Northern Sea
(National Palace Museum)

Wu Changshuo

Li Gonglin

Figures beneath Willow

Immortals with Crane
(National Palace Museum)
Woman with Lute
(Indiana State Museum)

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