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 Lin Liang (c1416 - c1480) 
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Artists who influenced Lin Liang
Chinese painter. He became a provincial administrator and was referred to the court during the reign of the Tianshun emperor (1457-64). He was later promoted to the Imperial Guard under the system of titles given to court painters in the early Ming period (1368-1644). His surviving works feature large subjects in monochrome ink, although he is recorded as having also been proficient in colours. He ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Lin Liang

Liang Kai

Eagle and Wild Goose
(Palace Museum)

Pair of Peacocks
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Bada Shanren
Two Hawks in Thicket
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Jackdaws and Wild Geese
(Hong Kong Museum of Art)

Lü Ji
Hawks in Winter

Wild Geese