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 Lan Ying (1585 - c1664) 
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Artists who influenced Lan Ying
Chinese painter. Lan Ying spent most of his early life in Hangzhou (one of his hao names, Xihu Waishi, means 'unofficial historian of West Lake', referring to the city's famous lake). He was classified by Chinese writers as the last of the professional painters working in the tradition of the Zhe School, a lineage that began with Dai Jin. Despite his professional status, Lan travelled ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Lan Ying

Dong Qichang

Lofty Mount Song
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Chen Hongshou

Shen Zhou

Tranquility in Autumn Mountain

Spring Landscape

Yu Zhiding

Dai Jin

Landscape in Style of Wu Zhen

Landscape After Li Tang

Chen Shizeng

Li Tang

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