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 Li Tang (c1070 - c1151) 
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Artists who influenced Li Tang
Li Tang (style name Hsi-ku), a native of San-ch'eng in Ho-yang, served in the Han-lin Academy of Painting under Emperor Hui-tsung (1082-1135; reigned 1101-1125) of the Northern Sung. Sometime between 1127 and 1130, after the fall of the Northern Sung in 1126, Li escaped to the south, where the government had re-established as the Southern Sung (1127-1279). There he re-entered the Painting Acad ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Li Tang


Wind in Pines among Myriad Valleys
(National Palace Museum)

Gathering Herbs (detail)
(Palace Museum)

Xia Gui

Fan Kuan
Ma Yuan
Qiu Ying
Tang Yin