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  Giuseppe Castiglione (1688 - 1766) 
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Artists who influenced Giuseppe Castiglione
Italian Jesuit Brother, missionary in China, painter at the court of the Emperor. Born in Milan's San Macellino district, Castiglione studied painting in Italy with Carlo Cornara of the renowned Botteghe degli Stampator painting studio. In 1709, he became a Jesuit and in 1715, he went to China as a missionary. His skill as an artist was appreciated by the Emperor Qianlong and Castiglione spent ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Giuseppe Castiglione
Art​History​Reference has no artists who influenced Giuseppe Castiglione.
Pine, Hawk and Glossy Ganoderma
(Palace Museum)

Assembled Auspicious Objects
(National Palace Museum)

Zhang Weibang
Lemur from Cochin
(National Palace Museum)

Everlasting Spring and Long Life
(National Palace Museum)