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 Guo Xi (c1020 - c1090) 
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Artists who influenced Guo Xi
Guo Xi, a native of Wen-hsien in Honan province, served as a court painter under Emperor Shen-tsung (reigned 1068-1085). Early in his career as an artist, Guo Xi painted large screens and walls for major palaces and halls in the capital that had caught the attention of the emperor. Guo was later promoted to the highest position of Painter-in-Attendance in the court Han-lin Academy of Painting. He ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Guo Xi

Fan Kuan

Early Spring
(National Palace Museum)

Old Trees
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)


Li Cheng

Autumn Skies over Mountains and Valleys
(Freer Gallery of Art)
Huang Shen
Chen Hongshou
Wu Zhen