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 Chen Hongshou (1599 - 1662) 
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Artists who influenced Chen Hongshou
Chinese artist noted for his curious, masterfully executed paintings of ancient personalities. His works suggest the disquiet of the artist caught between the decline of the Ming dynasty and the conquest of the foreign Manchus, who established the Qing dynasty. Chenís father died when the boy was nine, but his uncle ensured his scholarly education. After twice failing the government examinations, ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Chen Hongshou

Lan Ying

Immortality under Tall Pine
(National Palace Museum)

Li Bai's Night Revel
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Hua Yan

Ding Yunpeng

Mountain of Five Cataracts
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Sheng An Wearing Flowers in Hair
(Palace Museum)

Cui Zizhong

Gu Kaizhi

Pine and Rock

Woman with Attendants

Cheng Shifa

Li Gonglin

Lady (Paintings after Ancient Masters)
(Cleveland Museum of Art)

Tao Yuanming Composing Poetry

Ren Xiong