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  Clarkson Stanfield (1793 - 1867) 
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Artists who influenced Clarkson Stanfield
Clarkson Frederick Stanfield was a prominent English marine painter; he is often though inaccurately called William Clarkson Stanfield. He was born at Sunderland, the son of James Field Stanfield an Irish-born author, actor and former seaman. Clarkson was named after Thomas Clarkson, the slave trade abolitionist, whom his father knew, and this was the only forename he used, although there is reaso ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Clarkson Stanfield

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Dutch Barge and Merchantmen near Rotterdam
(Yale Center for British Art)

Tilbury Fort, Wind against Tide
(Yale Center for British Art)

David Roberts

Richard Parkes Bonington

Lake Como
(Tate Gallery)

Dogger Bank
(Victoria and Albert Museum)

Thomas Shotter Boys

Alfred Edward Chalon

Battle of Trafalgar

Frigate in Storm
(British Museum)

Edward Duncan

Joseph Vernet

Dutch Fishing Vessels by Quay
(Yale Center for British Art)

River Scene
(British Museum)

Edward William Cooke