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  Eugenio Cajés (1575 - 1634) 
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Artists who influenced Eugenio Cajés
Spanish painter and draughtsman of Italian descent, son of Patricio Cajés who, together with Romulo Cincinnato in Rome in 1567, were engaged by the Ambassador to Philip III, to work at the Spanish royal court. Eugenio undoubtedly served his apprenticeship with his father, with whom he also collaborated on his earliest commissions. Eugenio Cajés's Meeting of Joachim and Anne (Madrid, Real Acade ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Eugenio Cajés


Christ at Calvary

Joachim and Anne Meeting at Golden Gate
(Academy of San Fernando)

Orazio Borgianni

Federico Zuccaro

Saint Julian, Bishop of Cuenca
(Pollok House)

Adoration of Magi
(Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest)

Bartolomé González



Virgin Adoring Child (study)
(Courtauld Gallery)

Vicente Carducho