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  Simon de Vlieger (c1600 - 1653) 
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Artists who influenced Simon de Vlieger
Simon de Vlieger's training is undocumented, but his early paintings display the monochrome palette of a marine painter. Willem van de Velde I also may have taught him. From the late 1620s de Vlieger worked in Rotterdam, moving to Delft in 1634 and joining the Guild of Saint Luke there. Four years later he was in Amsterdam. He provided designs for festivities associated with Marie de' Medi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Simon de Vlieger

Jan van Goyen

View of Beach
(Los Angeles County Museum)

View of Weesp
(Fogg Museum)

Jacob van Ruisdael

Willem van de Velde I

Arrival of William of Orange in Rotterdam

Sailing Ships in Gale

Willem van de Velde II

Jan Porcellis

Rocky Coast

Calm Sea
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Ludolf Bakhuizen

Adam Willaerts

Holland Beach Scene

Landscape with Haymakers
(Getty Museum)

Jan van de Cappelle