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  Jan van Huchtenburg (1647 - 1733) 
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Artists who influenced Jan van Huchtenburg
Jan van Huchtenburg, born in Haarlem and died in Amsterdam, was first taught by Thomas Wijck. On his way to visit his brother in Rome, he may not have got further than Paris, where he served under Antony Francis van der Meulen, then employed in illustrating for Louis XIV. In 1670 he settled at Haarlem, where he married, practised and kept a dealers shop. His style had now merged into an imitation ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan van Huchtenburg

Gerrit Berckheyde

Battle of Boyne

Game of Life

Adriaen Frans Boudewijns

Philips Wouwerman

Cavalry Skirmish

Cavalry Skirmish

Adam Frans van der Meulen

Thomas Wijck