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  Gerard ter Borch (1617 - 1681) 
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Artists who influenced Gerard ter Borch
Dutch Baroque painter who developed his own distinctive type of interior genre in which he depicted with grace and fidelity the atmosphere of well-to-do, middle-class life in 17th-century Holland. Terborch's father had been an artist and had visited Rome but from 1621 was employed as a tax collector. Surviving drawings made by the young Terborch in 1625 and 1626 are proudly inscribed and dated ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Gerard ter Borch

Frans Hals

Officer Reading Letter with Trumpeter

Music Lesson
(Getty Museum)

Jan Steen

Govaert Flinck

Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch

Woman Writing Letter

Pieter de Hooch

Judith Leyster

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Portrait of a Woman
(Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)

Jan Vermeer

Pieter de Molyn

Young Woman at Toilet with Maid
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Maid Milking Cow
(Getty Museum)

Gabriel Metsu