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  Hans Purrmann (1880 - 1966) 
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Artists who influenced Hans Purrmann
German painter, draughtsman and printmaker. In 1893 he became apprenticed to his father, the painter Georg Heinrich Purrmann (18441900), and later attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Karlsruhe (18979), becoming a friend of Rudolf Levy. He then studied with the German painter Gabriel von Hackl (b 1843) and Franz von Stuck at the Akademie in Munich (190005). His fellow students included the Czech ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Hans Purrmann

Henri Matisse

Still Life
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Still Life with Onions
(Neue Nationalgalerie)

Paul Klee

Wassily Kandinsky

Max Liebermann

Franz von Stuck