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  Johann Heinrich Tischbein I (1722 - 1789) 
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Artists who influenced Johann Heinrich Tischbein I
Painter. He was apprenticed to Johann Baptist Zimmermann, Johann Georg von Freese (1701–75) and his brother Johann Valentin Tischbein (1715–68) before training with Carle Vanloo in Paris (1748) and with Giovanni Battista Piazzetta in Venice (1749). He copied the Venetian Masters and visited Rome; he returned to Germany in 1751. The following year he settled permanently in Kassel as court painter t ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Johann Heinrich Tischbein I


Mocking of Anacreon

Philippine, Countess of Hessen-Kassel

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta

Artist with Wife at Spinet

Countess Augusta von Reuss as Artemisia

Carle Vanloo

Portrait of a Woman

Abduction of Briseis from Tent of Achilles
(Kunsthalle Hamburg)

Annibale Carracci