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  Jacob Ochtervelt (1634 - 1682) 
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Artists who influenced Jacob Ochtervelt
Jacob Ochtervelt, was a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to Houbraken Jakob Ugtervelt was a pupil of N. Berchem during the same period as Pieter de Hooge, who was famed for his interior conversation pieces with lords and ladies, but without much perspective in his backgrounds, which takes a certain amount of mathematical insight and skill. The way this comment was written leaves the reader ques ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jacob Ochtervelt

Gerard ter Borch

Dancing Dog
(Wadsworth Atheneum)

Love Letter
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Abraham van Strij

Jan Vermeer

Portrait of Family
(Fogg Museum)

Family Portrait
(Norton Simon Museum)

Frans van Mieris I

Two Women and Man Making Music
(National Gallery)

Woman and Man at Harpsichord
(National Gallery)

Nicolaes Berchem


Woman Trimming Fingernails
(National Gallery)