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  Willem de Poorter (1608 - c1649) 
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Artists who influenced Willem de Poorter
Dutch painter, probably a pupil of Rembrandt. He painted history paintings (especially biblical subjects). His small biblical and allegorical pictures can be connected with Rembrandt's last years in Leiden and first years in Amsterdam, but it is not known if he actually worked in Rembrandt's studio. In his late phase de Poorter also created still-lifes. His still-life paintings of flags an ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Willem de Poorter


Idolatry of King Solomon

Croesus Showing Riches to Solon
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Willem de Poorter.

Gerrit Dou

Idolatory of Solomon

Idolatory of Solomon

Leonard Bramer

Still Life with Weapons and Banners
(Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum)

Woman Praying

Jacob Willemsz. de Wet I