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  Jacques Sablet (1749 - 1803) 
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Artists who influenced Jacques Sablet
Painter, draughtsman and printmaker, brother of François Sablet. He trained as a decorative painter in Lyon before his studies in Paris. Thanks to a grant from the State of Berne, he was able to go to Rome. In 1778 he received a first prize at the Accademia in Parma with the Death of Pallas (Parma, G.N.). In 1781, after painting an Allegory of the Republic of Berne Protecting the Arts (Berne, Kstm ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jacques Sablet

Joseph-Marie Vien

Eleonora Chigi
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Evening Coastal Landscape

Pierre Duval Le Camus
Temple of Liberal Arts, with City of Bern and Minerva
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Death of Pallas (study)