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  Sebastian Stoskopff (1597 - 1657) 
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Artists who influenced Sebastian Stoskopff
Alsatian painter. He was brought up in the independent Protestant republic of Strasbourg. In 1615, after serving his apprenticeship in the studio of the miniaturist and engraver Friedrich I Brentel, he became the pupil of the painter and architect Daniel Soreau (d 1619) in Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main; after Soreauís death he was obliged to finish his masterís paintings. He remained in Hanau unti ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Sebastian Stoskopff


Still Life with Empty Glasses
(Norton Simon Museum)

Still Life with Nautilus and Shell
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Isaac Soreau

David Teniers II

Book, Candle and Bronze Statuette
(Musee du Louvre)

Bread, Wine, Crayfish and Upturned Roemer

Jacques Callot

Still Life
(Wallraf-Richartz Museum)

Still Life with Pies

Simon Vouet