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  Jan Lievens (1607 - 1674) 
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Artists who influenced Jan Lievens
Jan Lievens was a Dutch painter, usually associated with Rembrandt, working in a similar style. According to Arnold Houbraken, Jan was the son of Lieven Hendriksze, a tapestry worker, and was trained by Joris Verschoten. He was sent to Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam at about the age of 10 for two full years. After that he began his career as an independent artist, at about the age of 12 in Leiden. He ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jan Lievens


Portrait of a Girl

Vanitas Still Life

Salomon Koninck

Peter Rubens

Boy with Cape and Turban

Young Man with Red Beret
(Norton Simon Museum)

Edwart Collier

Anthony van Dyck

Panoramic Landscape
(Norton Simon Museum)

Portrait of Rembrandt

Jacob Esselens

Pieter Lastman

Samson and Delilah

Old Man Holding Skull

Pieter de Jode II