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 Master of Darmstadt Passion (a1438 - a1458) 
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Artists who influenced Master of Darmstadt Passion
German painter. Around 1450 he was the outstanding painter in the Middle Rhine region; Panofsky called him ‘perhaps the most accomplished colourist and luminarist outside the Netherlands’. His oeuvre has been assembled from relatively few works. Thode (1900) named the Master on the basis of two altar panels (both Darmstadt, Hess. Landesmus.) showing on the insides Christ Carrying the Cross (see fi ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Master of Darmstadt Passion

Jan van Eyck

Constantine and Mother Venerating True Cross (Darmstadt Altarpiece 4)

Thron of Grace (Darmstadt Altarpiece 2)
Art​History​Reference has no artists who were influenced by Master of Darmstadt Passion.

Robert Campin

Adoration of Magi (Darmstadt Altarpiece 3)

Virgin and Child Enthroned (Darmstadt Altarpiece 1)

Stefan Lochner

Konrad Witz