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  Stanhope Forbes (1857 - 1947) 
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Artists who influenced Stanhope Forbes
He studied in London at the Lambeth School of Art (1874–6) and then at the Royal Academy Schools (1876–8). After this he studied under Léon Bonnat in Paris for two years and was much influenced by the rustic Realism of Jean-François Millet and Jules Bastien-Lepage. His early pictures, which he began to exhibit at the Royal Academy in 1878, are strongly French in style and are mostly scenes of peas ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Stanhope Forbes

Jean-François Millet

Safe Anchorage

Through Looking Glass

Alfred Munnings

Léon Bonnat

Old Quarter of Penzance

Blue River

Laura Knight

Jules Bastien-Lepage

Evening Scene

Blackberry Pickers

Henry Herbert La Thangue

Street in Seville

Harry Leith-Ross