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  Joannes Stradanus (1523 - 1605) 
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Artists who influenced Joannes Stradanus
Giovanni Stradano or Jan Van der Straet or van der Straat or Stradanus or Stratesis was a Flanders-born mannerist artist active mainly in 16th century Florence. Born in Bruges, he began his training in the shop of his father, then in Antwerp with Pieter Aertsen. By 1545, he had joined the Antwerp guild of Saint Luke or painters' guild, the equivalent of the Roman. He reached Florence in 1550, ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Joannes Stradanus

Jacopo Tintoretto

Elephant Hunt

Ulysses, Mercury, and Circe
(Palazzo Vecchio)

Philip Galle


Siege of Florence
(Palazzo Vecchio)

Creation of Eve
(British Museum)

Antonio Tempesta

Giorgio Vasari

Joust in Piazza Santa Croce
(Palazzo Vecchio)

Practice of Visual Arts (study)
(British Museum)


Pieter Aertsen

Pearl Diving
(Courtauld Gallery)

Hunting Party
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Jan Sadeler I