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  José María Velasco (1840 - 1912) 
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Artists who influenced José María Velasco
Mexican painter and teacher. As a landscape painter he was the most representative figure of Mexican academic painting in the 19th century. He produced a large body of work, in which the main theme was the spectacular natural scenery of his own country, interpreted according to his own singular vision. Stylistic unity and meticulously high standards of production characterize his work. --> Gro ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by José María Velasco

Claude Lorrain

Valley of Oaxaca
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Valley of Mexico
(Museo Nacional de Arte)

Diego Rivera

Eugenio Landesio

Valley of Mexico

San Sebastian, Chimalistac

Gerardo Murillo
Valley of Mexico

View of Oaxaca

Juan O'Gorman
Cuernavaca Landscape

Popocatépetl from Atlixco