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  Aelbert Cuyp (1620 - 1691) 
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Artists who influenced Aelbert Cuyp
Aelbert Cuyp's paintings are said to be "enveloped in the atmosphere as if imprisoned in pale amber." From a family of painters in the river town of Dordrecht, Cuyp probably learned his craft from his father. After his father's death in 1651 and his mother's three years later, Cuyp inherited considerable property and became a leading citizen in town affairs. In 1658 he married ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Aelbert Cuyp

Jan van Goyen

Flight into Egypt
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Orpheus Charming Animals

Nicolaes Maes

Salomon van Ruysdael

River Landscape with Riders

Young Herdsmen with Cows
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Jan Vermeer

Herman Saftleven the Younger

Dordrecht, Sunrise
(Frick Collection)

Starting Hunt
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Esaias van de Velde

Landscape with Hunt

Evening in Meadows
(Norton Simon Museum)

Thomas Gainsborough