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  Ambrosius Bosschaert I (1573 - 1621) 
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Artists who influenced Ambrosius Bosschaert I
Flemish flower and still-life painter, active mainly in the Netherlands, where he is recorded in Middelburg from 1593 to 1613 and later in the Utrecht Guild in 1616. Although he spent the major part of his life in the Netherlands, Bosschaert's style was basically Flemish - similar to that of Jan Brueghel the Elder, with whom he ranks in quality and as one of the pioneers of flower painting as ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Ambrosius Bosschaert I

Jan Brueghel the Elder

Flowers in Vase

Flowers in Glass Beaker
(Norton Simon Museum)

Roelandt Savery

Osias Beert

Flowers in Niche

Bouquet in Wan-Li Vase
(Norton Simon Museum)

Balthasar van der Ast

Joris Hoefnagel

Flowers on Ledge
(Los Angeles County Museum)

Chinese Vase with Flowers
(Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum)

Christoffel van den Berghe

Georg Flegel

Flowers in Beaker in Window

Flowers in Flask

Jacob van Hulsdonck