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  Simon de Vos (1603 - 1676) 
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Artists who influenced Simon de Vos
Flemish painter. In 1615 he became a pupil of Cornelis de Vos (no relation), with whom Jan Cossiers may have been a fellow-apprentice. By 1620 de Vos was a master in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke. For the next eight years he may either have worked in Rubens’s studio or have travelled abroad (Martin). The latter is more likely in view of the similarities between de Vos’s oeuvre and that of Johann Li ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Simon de Vos

Peter Rubens

Corporal Punishment

Allegory of Five Senses, Merry Company in Interior

Jan van Kessel II

Anthony van Dyck

Minerva and Mercury Protecting Painting against Ignorance and Calumny

Frans Francken II

Cornelis de Vos