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  Antoine Pesne (1683 - 1757) 
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Artists who influenced Antoine Pesne
Antoine Pesne was a French-born court painter of Prussia. Starting in the manner of baroque, he became one of the fathers of rococo in painting. Born in Paris, Pesne first studied art under his father and uncle. From 1704 to 1710 he received a stipend for advanced training at the Académie Royale in Italy. In 1710, he was called to Berlin by King Frederick I of Prussia. As the director of the Berli ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Antoine Pesne


Artist and Two Daughters

Nicolas Vleughels
(Musee du Louvre)

Philip Mercier

Nicolas de Largillière

Dancer Barbara Campanini
(Schloss Charlottenburg)

Barbara Campanini Dancing
(Schloss Charlottenburg)

Hyacinthe Rigaud



Jean Raoux

Artist's Grandson

Artist's Granddaughter