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  Jacob de Wit (1695 - 1754) 
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Artists who influenced Jacob de Wit
Jacob de Wit was the outstanding Dutch decorative painter of the 18th century, active mainly in his native Amsterdam. He had his principal training in Antwerp and learned much from Rubens's ceiling paintings in the Jesuit Church there (his drawings became valuable records after the paintings were destroyed by fire in 1718). De Wit's style, however, was much lighter than Rubens's, with ... more (Google)Artists who were influenced by Jacob de Wit

Peter Rubens

Bacchanal in Arcadian Landscape

Love Triumphs

Aert Schouman

Anthony van Dyck

Putti with Symbols of Strength and Obedience

Allegory of Government, Wisdom Defeating Discord
(Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Abraham van Strij

Giovanni Pellegrini

(Courtauld Gallery)

Putti Preparing for Hunt

Jacob Jordaens

Putti Blowing Bubbles in Landscape

Head of Angel